The Work of Edward Bach
Helianthus Press, 1993

It follows that no matter what therapeutic regimen (diet, exercise, etc.) we follow to prevent or overcome illness, we will fall short unless we replace negative attitudes with positive ones; unless stressful responses are replaced by constructive ones. Dr. Edward Bach the noted British physician, bacteriologist, homeopath and researcher concluded more than half a century ago that his patients' ills were directly related to their negative states of mind. He recognized that negative moods induce imbalance and disharmony which threaten health. States such as jealousy, fear, worry, hopelessness and lack of self-confidence so affect a person's vitality that resistance to disease diminishes. In order to regain balance and harmony, according to Bach, the negative state of mind must be replaced with its opposite virtue.

Bach insisted on a safe, natural and gentle system of treatment and looked to the plants and trees of the field for a revolutionary therapeutic system. He observed and classified 38 negative states of mind common to all persons. For each specific mood he discovered the corresponding flower from plant or tree which assisted in its alleviation. Bach's own physical body and mind were greatly taxed in the years 1928-1936 as he suffered acutely each negative state of mind while searching for its respective, healing flower.

Using a unique method of preparation, he harvested the flowers at an optimum time in their growing cycle to maximize the effects of their healing properties. In the course of his intense research he eliminated all plants producing side-effects, leaving only those which work in the most gentle of ways. Over 50 years of use world-wide by health-care professionals and the lay public has shown that the Remedies are totally safe, non-toxic, non-addictive and completely compatible with conventional and homeopathic medicines. All Bach Remedy concentrates are natural and contain a brandy preservative.

In 1982 the Bach Flower Remedies were accepted into the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States.

 RESCUE REMEDY: Its Preparation and Use

Dr. Bach combined Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis in his only composite remedy and called it Rescue Remedy.

It has been reported by many health-care professionals, veterinarians and lay persons to have a stabilizing and calming effect in a great variety of stress-inducing situations. It is reported to have brought comfort and calm to those who have experienced serious news, severe upset and traumatic experiences which often lead to a numbed and dazed state of mind. It is also reputed helpful in less severe instances such as arguments, examinations, stage-fright, visits to the dentist, etc.

Place 4 drops of Rescue Remedy in 1/4 glass of water or other liquid and sip frequently until distress eases. If unconscious or incapable of drinking, moisten the lips, behind the ears, wrists or temples with a few drops of the concentrate.

All Bach Remedies including Rescue Remedy assist us in returning to a state of balance or equilibrium. When balance is restored, the Remedies cease to have an effect even though intake may continue.

Rescue Remedy is not intended to take the place of qualified emergency assistance but may be used until help arrives to lessen the effects of trauma and stabilize the emotions.

The preceding is from A Concise Guide to Understanding and Using the Bach Flower Remedies.
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