Before you have a Kuvasz by your side you can't imagine how attracted people are to these dogs. Kuvasz are the ultimate icebreakers. It doesn't matter what you look like, how old you are, or how much money you make when you have a gorgeous well mannered rare dog with you. 

    My baby girl Phantom and I went to see the 1995 July 1st Canada Day fireworks without Karen and Triumph. She was still nervous, but much better then she had been on Victoria Day, (the celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday) and 100% better then the previous July and May. 

    As usual many people came over to pet and talk about her. Just as the show began a large group of Chinese people came over to us. One gentleman who spoke English told me they were members of a Beijing dance troupe which was touring North America. He asked if I minded if they had their pictures taken with Phantom. I told Phantom to sit and stay, and they crouched and stood around her in small groups. Those who were daring stood alone with her. I say daring, because most of them were afraid to touch her at first. I knew this was because of lack of contact with dogs in China's large cities. Apparently you aren't allowed to own a dog if you live in some cities in China. In fact they have special dog shelters where you can go and rent a dog to walk for a little while if you are so inclined. Of course none of these people had ever seen any dog like this Kuvasz. 

    It's funny what will interest or excite each of us. Thousands of dollars worth of fireworks exploding overhead, and these people were giggling and excited like kids on Christmas morning because they were able to hug and have their pictures taken with Phantom.

    After they thanked me and left, a fellow with a puppy in his arms came over to me and said, "isn't it a pain in the neck the way people bug you just because you have the dog." I told him I didn't mind and in fact liked it. It was actually instrumental in helping Phantom pass the noisy time. 

    People walk Dobermans, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds. Nobody rushes to meet them. They may be nice dogs but their dark color makes them look sinister. On the other hand a Kuvasz looks beautiful, cuddly, and approachable.

    You will know you have socialized your guardian properly when people tell you they don't believe she will vigorously protect you from anyone or anything with bad intentions. She can be social but still protect you when necessary.

    Feel good about sharing your enjoyment of your Kuvasz. It is very important for her to meet new people over the course of her life. It usually doesn’t hurt the owner either.