The image files below and those contained in the slide show document which follows, are for entertainment purposes and to present several Kuvasz at various ages. However I also included some of the pictures to answer possible questions like: Will Kuvasz go into water? Will they accept cats? How are they with children? How do they behave around other dogs? Will adult Kuvasz play? Can Kuvasz from a "pet home" environment behave with livestock?

These dogs can be versatile, and if they are introduced to many different situations, animals, and people, especially while they are young, assimilation is easier for them and you.

Many of the photographs which may look like posed arrangements, are actually scenarios where Kuvasz are doing what is second nature to them. As adults they don't seem too active, and often spend most of their time in what appears to be passive repose. In reality however, they are doing what their ancestors have done for hundreds of years, and what they do best - watching and guarding.

For off line photograph viewing I highly recommend the LView Pro picture viewer and graphics editor. It is an exceptional and multi-faceted shareware program, which will even allow you to enjoy pictures in a slide show presentation. You can obtain a copy at http://www.lview.com/index1024.htm