You should be aware this book is extremely hard to find these days, and in fact may no longer be in print. Without knowing for sure the reason why, I would guess that dog clubs and breeders may have had something to do with its demise.

    The Puppy Report by Larry Shook should be every puppy buyer's guide. While the contents have an American backdrop, my unpleasant puppy buying experiences here in Canada made me realize that international borders don't matter. 

    Mr. Shook is an investigative journalist by profession. He learned some hard lessons about the American dog industry. He decided to write an expose after he was forced to euthanize his young canine because of inherited temperament problems. 

    The book is very informative. The numerous dangers associated with buying a pup are illustrated, but not in a negative, caustic, or critical manner. The presentation is analytical and matter of fact for the most part. 

    You will read advice which increases the possibility of adopting a puppy that is sound in mind and body. Canine breeding, behavior, training, and veterinary experts are quoted in The Puppy Report. There are also some good text and other reference source recommendations.

    Despite being a few years old this one hundred and twenty-nine page hard cover book is still very topical. A testament to how slowly things change for the better in the purebred dog industry, if they change at all. 

    It is a very quick easy read. I highly recommend this book if you are planning to buy any kind of dog, but especially a rare breed. Actually a breeder of rare dogs told me about it. Unfortunately too late to save me from grief. 

    Direct Book Service at 1800 776 2665 did recommend the book years ago, but may not sell it anymore. They do have a catalogue with extensive dog and cat titles, as well as videos.